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„Alben“ - a group of mythical creatures in mythology and literature. In Germanic folklore and fairy tales, the Alben are luminous beings, nature spirits associated with the earth, water, and air. 


„Tanz“ - german word for dance.


Albentanz is the love project of german multi instrumentalist & producer Lukas Würsching. Drawing inspiration from germanic & celtic mythology as well as fantasy literature, he creates a flowing soundscape great for ecstatic dance & meditation. 


Expect fiddles, flutes, otherworldly vocal phrases, bodhran (irish frame drum) & all kinds of twinkly things played over organic, live-looped percussion beats.

If all you want to do right now is dance in the woods under a full moon, Albentanz is for you.

Genres: Folktronica / Celtic / Ambient / Downtempo /
-Looping / Sound Bath

InfluencesChris Conway / Janax Pacha / Govannen / Faun / Gnoss / J.R.R. Tolkien / Bernhard Hennen

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